Fiat Idea

The Fiat Idea is a smaller inexpensive car that delivers loads of practicality. The car is practical, yet stylish, a reasonable size without being too large or too small, it comes with a wide range of engines to suit most needs and it is inexpensive to run.

The car’s large pillars limit visibility, but that’s one of the only negative aspects of the Idea. The engines don’t have any trouble delivering enough power even when the car is carrying a full load.

The car’s rear seats sit up high and provide a good view out from the cabin. The Rear bench splits in two and each half can move forward and back independently. This gives the car an element of added versatility whether carrying cargo or people.

The car can reach 0-60mph in just over 15 seconds. The car delivers exceptional fuel economy. The 1.3 JTD delivers an average 55mpg. The car comes with an attractive asking price and should deliver excellent value for the money.

The Idea is a very practical supermini MPV and its exterior design is very appealing and the car’s very attractive dynamics can’t be ignored. The car’s cabin is comprised of mostly plastics but still manages to have a decent and acceptable look and feel.


The Fiat Idea comes with a low asking price, and delivers a good deal of space and practicality. The car should prove to be reliable and fuel economy and insurance rates should be low as well.

The car seats four very comfortably and five with reasonable comfort. The cabin is quite spacious despite the size of the car. The car’s hatch is large enough to accommodate most family items and activities and the rear seats can fold to accommodate larger cargo items.

The car’s instrumentation is neatly arranged and fairly attractive. The controls are comprised of mostly cheap plastics but it doesn’t completely ruin the look of the cabin. The cabin is still relatively attractive and airy.

The car scores well for comfort. It delivers good cabin space with plenty of room for all passengers. The car’s seats are firm and supportive yet comfortable. The boot is a practical size and facilitates easy loading and unloading, engine and road noise are noticeable though especially at higher speeds.

The car’s cabin is easily accessible. Both front and rear doors open wide and allow unhindered access to the cabin’s seats. The boot also has a large door and a wide aperture for easy access and convenient loading and unloading.

Parking can be a little tricky despite the car’s relatively small size. Visibility is limited all-round and caution must be taken when parking. The car’s side mirrors and rearview mirrors help out a lot, and the car’s steering is light and makes maneuvering the Idea an easy task.

Life Style

The Idea is not built for performance or speed as much as for practicality, and the car does make a lot of sense. Regardless of engine choice the car delivers decent fuel economy and plenty of power. The car’s suspension system may seem too soft for some drivers, but the car delivers a good ride and excellent value for money.

The Idea would make an excellent family car with plenty of cabin space on offer. Smaller families who don’t wish to drive around in a full blown MPV may find the Idea more desirable. It’s attractive exterior design and hardwearing interior design is very suitable for family life. Plus, the car’s boot is a reasonable size and shouldn’t have any problem accommodating a small family.

Although probably not a first time buyers first choice, the Idea could function as a first car. It’s easy enough to drive and handles well. Most first time buyers will probably opt for a smaller car though. Plus, visibility is not great in the Idea, and that could pose some problems for novice drivers.

The car offers an attractive exterior design, from its grille to its curves and wheels this is nice looking car from start to finish. Fiat has often been associated with cheaper products and it will have a difficult time even losing that image, especially when the Idea’s cabin has been designed with cheap plastics.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include remote central locking and an engine immobilizer on all models. This should be an adequate level of security because it is unlikely that thieves will target the Idea.

The car comes standard with anti-lock brakes, driver and passenger airbags, three-point seat belts in the rear, higher specification models receive more airbags and stability control.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio/CD player. The unit delivers good sound quality and helps to drown out the noise from the engine. The unit’s controls are large and easy to work.

Dynamic models benefit from air-conditioning, heated electric door mirrors and front foglights, while Eleganza models come with climate control, an electric sunroof, alloy wheels, rear electric windows and parking sensors.


The Idea delivers good value for money and would make an excellent family car. The Fiat has been designed for passenger comfort and offers a good deal for the asking price.

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