Fiat Multipla

Fiat has given the Multipla a fresh attractive look but kept the car’s high levels of practicality and proven performance variables. The Fiat has a lot to offer as a family vehicle with its new style and classy good-looks.


The Multipla’s seats can be rearranged or removed for added versatility. This feature comes in handy when a large cargo item needs to be transported. The car offers a high drive position and the car’s window design provides excellent visibility. The seats have been improved on the Multipla to offer added versatility. The seats can fold forward or be removed entirely to add cargo space for larger items.

Despite the vans practicality it’s also a nice vehicle to drive. The gearshift is mounted on the dashboard and the handbrake is by the door creating the additional space necessary for the extra seat. The car’s six seats are capable of accommodating six adults comfortably. The cabin’s atmosphere is very family friendly.

The Multipla is competitively priced and offers high levels of standard equipment. Build quality is good and the car’s diesel engine option is the more attractive option, providing plenty of power and economic fuel consumption.  The Multipla is not a flashy or showy car, but it is definitely more fun to drive than it looks.


The Multipla is a very practical budget purchase, but tempting options can quickly add up. The diesel engine will cost more upon purchase, but it will quickly pay for itself in fuel savings. Running costs, insurance and servicing should all be reasonable for the Multipla.

There is plenty of cabin space for six passengers to ride comfortably even for longer distances. The middle front seat folds down into a picnic table, and the rear seats can be folded down or removed completely to create even more space.

The exterior of the Mutipla may appear average or normal, but despite its business as usual exterior the inside is just what you would expect from Fiat. The interior controls are very aesthetically pleasing and dials are slightly directed toward the driver. The side window controls are mounted on the roof.

The seating configuration works so well. It’s practical and very convenient. The back seats also fold down and turn into tray like tables. The driver’s seat adjusts for driving comfort and engine and noise are successfully kept to a minimal at low speeds.

Doors open wide enough to provide easy accessibility and are tall enough that they facilitate easy access even further. All three front seats have independent seat adjustment controls.

The Mutipla is a super easy car to park. It boasts exceptional visibility due to the high seating position and well designed windows. The van is a somewhat wide and may take a little getting used to, and for those who are very leary, parking sensors are on the option list.

Life Style

The Multipla provides a fairly smooth ride and takes corners well. The power steering feels well weighted but the diesel engine feels much better than its petrol counterpart. The diesel feels more capable of powering the vehicle when it’s filled to medium or maximum capacity.

The Multipla would make a great family car. It’s a very practical purchase, and affordable to maintain, and operate. There is plenty of room for a growing family, and the versatility of the van’s seats makes it a very practical choice as well. The rear seats can be arranged to accommodate any additional cargo. The car’s bright interior colors are very appealing to families, especially to children.

The Multipla wouldn’t make a very good first car. It has more seats than would be needed by most new drivers, and it is not a cheap purchase. The width of the van may make it difficult for a new driver to park. Plus, the car’s exterior may not seem too attractive to younger drivers. If you are a younger driver and want something a little more stylish but still practical, consider the Fiat Sedici or a second hand Fiat Sedici if you need to save a little extra money .

Multipla’s of the past put a lot of attention and effort into creating visually attractive cars. This is a new twist for Fiat, the van is not geared so much towards being a looker as it is toward being a quality vehicle. Fiat’s new image has proven to be a good move especially with the Multipla.

Security and Safety

The Multipla comes standard with remote central locking and an engine immobilizer. The new units have the stereo mounted into the dash and are less likely to fall victim to theft. Other security options and upgrades are available.

The Multipla comes with front and back disk brakes, ABS, EBD, six airbags, Isofix child seat mounts, and a fire prevention system. Large dual door mirrors can effectively eliminate blind spots.

Finishing Touches

An RDS stereo system and CD player comes standard with six speakers. The sound quality is good and the options list is fairly long for this vehicle. Options include a sat-nav system, DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and Fiat’s not so popular ‘Connect-nav’.


The Multipla is an awesome car from Fiat. It is such a practical vehicle for families and employers. Drivers will certainly stand out in the unique vehicle but will get their money’s worth in drivability, versatility, and comfort. Buyers should opt for the diesel version it only increases the drivability of the vehicle.

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