Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat’s Grande Punto is significantly larger than its predecessor. It’s also been improved in other areas such as body style and better build quality. Fiat has also enhanced the vehicles safety and comfort as well.

The Grande Punto is a huge competitor in the compact segment of the market. The front of the car has a sporty design similar to that of Maseratis. The Grande Punto is similar to its predecessor with high-mounted lights. The drastic design change to the car’s front-end and sides makes it hard to distinguish the family resemblance.

The car offers an impressive array of diesel engines. The engines are almost equally good and almost identically powerful. The 1.3-litre units are only separated by 15bhp, while the 1.9 units are separated by only 10bhp.

Interior fittings have been greatly improved in this model. There are only a few minor features that prove to be of somewhat inferior quality, such as around interior lights, some plastic moldings and door panels. For a non-premium car the Grande Punto is very high-class and has incorporated a high level of quality in its cabin design.

The Grande Punto has incorporated many new features geared toward comfort and style. Many of which are evident upon first glance. The Grande Punto is definitely an eye catcher and a vast improvement over its very popular predecessor.


The Grande Punto is competitively priced within its sector. The car is practically priced and provides good value for the money. Resale values should remain high and the buyer shouldn’t have any problem finding willing takers, partly due to the cars exceptionally good-looks.

The Grande Punto is much larger than its predecessor, but cabin space actually feels comparable. This could be due to the thick, solid-looking dashboard, or because the seats are larger and thicker in the Grande. The boot is not as large as you would expect it to be and has a high lip and small opening making it somewhat difficult to access.

The Fiat’s controls and displays are logically placed and easy to use. They are pretty much in line with the competition’s quality and feel. Displays are prominently placed and easy to understand.

The Grande Punto has much improved seating. Front passengers are well accommodated for. The seats are large and firm but in a supportive way rather than a harsh way. Rear seat passengers do not have much room. It would be adequate space for smaller children or for adults who are riding a short distance. Otherwise, it could become uncomfortable. Road and engine noise have been almost eliminated in all of the recent models.

The car’s doors are large enough and open wide enough to provide decent accessibility to the car’s cabin. The boot on the other hand provides limited accessibility. The load lip is high and the door aperture is small. Access could prove to be difficult for many people. The boot door is very light though and easy to open and close.

The car sports Fiat’s parking button. Pushing it lightens the car’s steering and makes maneuvering at low speeds a simple task. Forward visibility is good and given the car’s size it is not too difficult to park. The only exception would be the fact that rear visibility is limited.

Life Style

The Grande Punto is a fun car to drive. The steering provides good feedback, and the car provides an excellent driving position. The six speed gearbox is very smooth. The car’s performance figures aren’t that high but in order to understand the true potential of this car it will be necessary to test drive it personally.

The Grande Punto is not a family car. It is too small. The rear could accommodate small children, but the boot is too small to hold family related items. It would be a good choice for a second vehicle or even a commuter vehicle.

This would make an excellent first car. It’s just the right size, and looks very classy for the price. The stylish design will be very appealing to younger drivers, and additional options are available to enhance the car’s sporty look even more.

The car offers a sporty look from its grille to its curves and wheels this is a very attractive car from start to finish. Fiat has often been associated with cheaper products and it will have a difficult time even with a superior product luring loyal buyers away from the high-end manufacturers.

Security and Safety

 This car comes standard with remote central locking, but given its good looks and sporty appeal it may be wise to invest in some of the security cost options. Deadlocks and an alarm system are two of the options being offered and may be worthy of consideration.

 The Grande Punto received a five-star crash test rating. The car scored well above the class average in pedestrian safety and child protection. The car also has ABS and EBD, and several airbags in its arsenal.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car comes with a Blaupunkt CD radio and has terrific sound quality. For serious hi-fi lovers upgrading will probably be necessary.

 Fiat boasts 13 exterior colors and 12 different types of interior. Choosing a color shouldn’t be too difficult with a huge assortment to selct from.


 The Punto is the most attractive car in its class and performs very well. It is competitively priced and worthy of consideration. It has great driving characteristics and a good level of equipment.

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